real wedding

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real wedding

Amalia e Davide

She is lovely dressed so fine this is the day
that she is a bride,a summer breeze gently sprays
the rays of her dreams,hopes,fears of the unknown
she is lovely dressed so fine this is the day
she has waited for all
Ethelene Widger

She could hardly believe it. This day, the day she’d been for for so long and with so much joy and excitement, that very day when she would have set herself free together with her own and only love, had finally arrived.

It was there, the as blue and clear as in the most beautiful of dreams. Coming through the opened looking onto the garden, the day had called her gently from her sleep, caressing her closed eyes with the warmth of its sunshine and the fresh breath of the . She glanced at the clock on her table desk, and sizzling jumped out of bed. The smiley face she saw in the wide mirror in front of her and the healthy glow she could notice in her own cheeks confirmed everything: today it was the day when we was getting married.


So much happened in the hours that followed, so much preparing, getting ready, so much running around, finding this, missing that, and putting cloths on, then taking them off, shoes, hair, grandma, remember to call auntie Anne, don’t forget to walk the dog, cross the road, write that down, no! the other way, oh my goodness this is mad!


And yet one thing was more powerful than all this chaos and rushing about, and it would have given her the energy to climb Mount Everest: it was the smell of her freedom in the air, the happiness of her heart whenever she was thinking of her , the man who had looked at her in the eyes and told her so much while speaking no word, the man who one day proposed to her in the humblest, most loving and honest manner. From this day on, they would have been together forever, or else until the world’s end. Come what may, they were now bound to each other, strong as an hurricane and ready to face, side by side, the joys and sorrows of the outside world.

Texts by Laura ”Croft” Vivio 

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