buskers – love and sex

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buskers - love and sex

”I took your picture with one particular reason and it’s…
to capture your character”


Some people would not even look at them. Some people would just ask themselves what makes these guys do what they do. What is the attractive of leading their life, the life of a ? Of populating the streets of always different places, towns, countries even, of living on that little money coming from their open-air shows, day after day, and with hardly the means of saying, confidently, “this is enough to make it until tomorrow”?

That total absence of certainty in the future, that is often the very essence of their life.

Not everyone would share the pleasure coming from this, of course. Because this life is burning with energy, , in every moment of it, and this isn’t something that everyone could live up with.
Some people need order, routine, fixed actions repeating over and over again: get up in the morning, go to work, go shopping at the supermarket, get angry with your mother-in-law, abandon yourself every to some kind of passive calmness, perhaps the one suggested by all the troubles of this world as seen on the telly, from the cosiness of your sofa. These people need such things to survive to the elusive chaos of planet Earth.
Well, not everyone can do that.
There are people who need something completely different to survive. They need to feel free to be dancing in the daylight, at night, in the streets, in a lightened garden, or in the middle of a tearing, bursting ring of fire. They need to express the madness and wildness of their intimate nature. To follow the desire of their heart, of their sinful soul. To have with the purity of air, and the flames of Life with a capital L. So dance, jump, burn, love. Be free if you need it, no matter who’s watching you.

Texts by Laura ”Croft” Vivio

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