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sony a-35“A camera can photograph thought”

Taking the legend a step ahead, Sony has introduced a new successor to their prolonged family of SLR cameras, the novel Sony A-35. Agile yet concise, the new Sony A-35 has an ethereal beauty to it. With its , it enables to users to take swift, distinct pro-shots and the multifarious features make it the most crucial choice fulfilling the most diversified professional and/or beginner needs.
Sony A-35 makes use of the highly acclaimed translucent . This equips the camera with the ability to have absolute, responsive and constant which makes it a compelling purchase for pros and amateurs alike.
Sony A-35 significantly incorporates all the key features of A-33 and A-55 but Sony’s prophecy of an improved sensor and sufficient processing options has taken a with the advent of Sony A-35. In physical appearance, A-35 resembles a lot to A-33 which gives the impression that A-35 is only a modest update of A-33 but A-35 has features that can leave users mesmerized with the astounding results.

Sony A-35 uses an electronic view finder (EVF) and not the optical one. This is useful because it eradicates the need of moving mirror that provides the viewfinder with sufficient light. Rather light is now supplied to the focusing sensor by making use of a fixed, semi-transparent mirror. The effect is a camera that is offering quick autofocus and a constant ease no matter how you choose to view.

Sony has developed an entirely fresh range of image sensors and processors for A-35 with the expectation to achieve improvements in many areas. The Sony A35′s promises an effective resolution of 16.2 with a promise to deliver fine and detailed still and images. The sensor passes all the composed data to the Bionz- branded processor which is an innovation in itself and assures flawless images with the most vibrant colors.

  • Noise Reduction

A-35 also features updated image processing as the NEX-C3 which is claimed to reduce noise many folds.

  • Burst Shooting

Sony A-35’s continuous shooting mode is more modest. It can capture six Raw frames at a rate of 5.5 frames per second. Apart from this high-speed mode, there’s also a lower-speed mode that enables one to capture three frames per second.

  • LCD Panel

Another feature is the introduction of a new 3.0-inch LCD panel, that provides VGA pixel resolution, and utilizes the company’s TruBlack technology for better contrast. While the display resembles the one used in precursors, there’s a significant difference. Unlike the earlier cameras, with Sony Alpha A35, the display can’t be slanted or swiveled.

Apart from the built-in user guide that can be of immense help to young professionals and users, it offers picture effects. This feature is a crucial improvement for those who don’t want to rely on post-capture editing of images on their computers. The options provided in this menu are endless and this feature is the perfect solution to the insatiable desire of the creative types.


Light-weight and convenient, with all its promising features, A-35 has much to offer and is certainly capable of fulfilling all your avid dreams with regard to photography.


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  1. Emmett Grivetti

    Just similar to SLR-style cams, they’ll use a great EVF, given that these people lack a mirror to have an optical through-the-lens look at.

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