Moszkva tér – Budapest

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Fountain in Moskva tèr BudapestMoszkva is a busy square and a very important transport hub. It is a very useful location and people usually get accustomed to it very quickly. The red metro line passes from here on its way to Deli station. People also take the Varhegy bus from here or the funicular railway to the Castle District. The Castle bus begins and ends the journey at this point. It is also the main point to catch up transport for the magnificent Buda Hills. The term “Moskva Termeans Moscow Square. The formerly anonym place that was named after the prime minister of Hungary became Széll Kálmán tér (Széll Kálmán Square) in period between the two world wars. In 1951, the square was renamed to Mozskva Ter after the Soviet occupied the place and the communist took over. Later, after the downfall of the communist regime in , there was another debate on changing the name back to Széll Kálmán tér, but finally it was agreed that the name should remain the same. Soviet troops were based in the western parts of the country during the initial days of the 1956 revolution at a place near Szekesfehervar. The Soviet troops tried to capture the city starting from this square. They failed to capture the city in the first attempt and the country was completely free until the Soviet invasion in November 1956. The mayor of , Istvan Tarlos decided to rename the Mozskva Ter to Széll Kálmán tér (Széll Kálmán Square) on 6th April 2011.Moscow square is also known for its versatile shopping centers and various shops that sell all kinds of commodities. Apart from shopping, there are lots of other activities going on in the shopping centers and busy places in the square. It is a very busy place and many people visit for different purposes that include a great number of tourists and local travelers. Tourists find it a very fascinating place and capture many beautiful memories with their cameras.



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