Notre Dame de Paris

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A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.

In the passionate heart of the city of lies the insignia of aberrant architecture, bewitching beauty and overwhelming gravity, the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. This historical house of God, if not the biggest, is the most legendary among all in the world, beyond a shadow of doubt. The nom de guerre, ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ which is French for ‘our lady of Paris’ hints at the poise and elegance that the natives associate with the erection.
Proudly mounted on a petite island lle de la cite, amid River Seine, Notre dame has never failed to strike a chord with any tourist or historian and is a magnum opus of French . The history of this cathedral dates back to the 12th century during the epoch of King Louis Vll who laid its foundation.
Notre Dame marks its prestige on the many momentous occasions that it has witnessed. It is this cathedral where Henry VI of England was enthroned King of in the 15th century and it is here that Napoleon was honored as Emperor in the 19th century.
This meritorious monument has been constructed using the most punctilious and elaborate designs that earned it the eminence of the most exquisite specimen of French Gothic architecture. ‘The Rose Window’ is a meticulous stained glass window – the biggest window back in 13th century was removed for fear of sabotage during World War II, but was restored later on.
For tourists, Notre dame is a wonder world at its best. At every cathedral, you find organs that highlight it. And when it comes to Notre dame, there are numerous. All the archaic antiques can be seen at Musee de Notre Dame de Paris along with notes, music scores and other possessions of Louis Vierne, the esteemed cathedral organist. The best part is that the museum is just across the road with no conveyance requirements to hinder your tour.
For tourists, the west front of the church is awe inspiring with its two soaring . The south tower holds the famous bell ‘Emmanuel’, weighing 500 kilograms. It is said that it used to take 20 people to ring it. However today, the effort is left to machines.
The Grand gallery connects the two west towers and here you will encounter the renowned gothic gargoyles or chimeras. These gluttonous fiends are not medieval and restored much later.
Another noteworthy feature is the King’s Gallery which is embellished with statues of the Kings of Judah and Israel, designed by Violett-le-Duc. These statues were erected as a means to replace the statues that were demolished during the French revolution.
So boost your spirits religiously by attending the masses or enlighten yourself with all the historical artifacts and celebrated architecture; Notre Dame is a must when it comes to Paris and its boisterous beauty.


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