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Can you stop, can you stop dancing? Do you think you ever could?
Can you stay still when you’re body tells ”do the opposite?”
Can you hear that music and not respond to it, pretend it means nothing, it’s doing nothing to you?

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That’s right. You can’t. You never could, you never will.

Music: Music is what makes me the person I am. It is what makes me happy, what makes me sad, what makes me move, and gives me wings to up there.

Some people are different from what I am. They are just so different.

How many have i seen in a concert, or a club, or anywhere else where one could feel the music beat from miles away, and than stay still, yes, oh yes. That’s what I said: STILL. Still like rocks, like those over there, not the slightest bit of their body making a single movement, no matter how small.

Me? Oh no, I am just NOT like that. If they’re the mountains, then I’m the . I cannot stop. I’m in constant movement. Music is my , or my , or both, music is my lady, my , my , and I’m her . She takes me everywhere she wants.

I can never say no to Music.
I never could.
And I never will.


by Laura ”Croft” Vivio


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